Virtual Story-Telling Framework

Is a tool I have personally designed to help change the way that stories are experienced. The tool is designed to be used within Unity3D and can create stories for web, android, iOS, windows and mac platforms.

Explore Stories Like Never Before!

Experience a story from any character point of view, from any point in time, or with any story arc you prefer.

The Story

Enable the ability to follow any character perspective within a story. StoryLucent allows the reader/viewer to coherently travel through a story to gain a different experience with each play through. Follow the Hero, Villain or Minor Character.

The Tools

The StoryLucent Framework is a tool 5 years in the making used within the Unity3D engine to create deep meaningful and immersive stories without sacrificing immense time away from the creative process.

What types of Stories?

Visual Novels
Audio Stories

How does the tool work?

other things

StoryLucent is built on a visual flow editor to keep work flow as streamlined and simple as possible. Connecting blocks through branches is how the story is created

No Coding Necessary!

No coding is required because the all of the work is kept tucked away in the building blocks. These blocks called “phases” may be combined to produce millions of possible scenarios for the story that you need.

What Stories are in the works?

StarLaw: Future

Venn Biblia:
A Bible Story


Latest Development Video