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This is what storylucent is

The best way to compose comics, visual novels, cinemas, audio narratives and more. The StoryLucent Editor gives you and your team an efficient way to produce the most complex narratives without the burden of a complicated tool setup. The editor requires no code from start to product completion. Designed from the ground up on the foundation of historical storytelling methodologies. StoryLucent is the only tool that can adapt to any Narrative setup.

How does it work?

Use the elements of story to build your plot. Exposition, Climax to Acts, Sagas, Sub-plots or chapters. Build the setup of your story and infinitely expand each element. The editor allow you to “Portal” into every element of the story to create sophisticated story branches with ease. Each portal opens up a new layer of the story. 

StoryLucent shines with the ability to play back your story in various dynamic ways. Allow any story element to have alternative plots. Blend between character perspectives of the same story. Allow your audience to discover your story by exploring in any given direction of time and perspective of character or event.