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Venn Biblia

A Bible Story

Experience stories from the bible in very personal way. Venn Biblia will re-imagine the bible in virtual reality. Be apart of the story as a witness to the detailed events in the bible. Great for all ages.

StarLaw: Future

A sci-fi fantasy epic that takes place in a universe during the end of time.

Samurai’s Edge

A story of a samurai who some how manages to encounter his most challenging enemy. A poetry of action and consequence.

Kara’s Karma

A smaller story from “StarLaw Future” is the first step into public production. Kara plays a very impactful part in the universe of “StarLaw Future” albeit very small. The story strives to challenge the ideals and perspectives of different people stuck in the end of time.

Coming Soon…

Many more short stories and series to be released going forward.